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Peter Mahony

On painting


I have been learning to paint from young age and in that time have been influenced by multiple teachers as well as the artists I have studied. For several years I have taken lessons in oil painting with artist John Jermyn. In recent years I have studied the American style known as Tonalism and it has influenced my work heavily. In 2018 I held my first solo exhibition entitled My Nature which was held in the Bishopstown library. The majority of my work is painted from my head and based on memories I have of landscapes I have seen.


On photography


Most of the time I spend taking photographs is documenting the work of volunteer group Mad About Cork, a guerrilla gardening group in the city. It's a great thing to be a part of and it provides great opportunities for photographs. I love taking pictures in the city and capturing it and the people who live there. In February of 2018 I took part in a joint exhibition in St. Peter's on the North Main Street, with photographer and artist Kevin O'Brien in a show dedicated to Mad About Cork. Then in April I had my first solo photography exhibition during the Cork Photo Festival which was held in Priory Coffee in the city. 


Living in Cork city I love capturing in photographs the people and the streets but I am also very taken with the natural landscape, the trees and bodies of water, which I draw from when painting. 

Whether there is a connection between my art and my photography I don't know.  

As well as painting and photography, I am also an experienced drummer and try to be involved in music when I can. Finally, I also write.   

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